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Activity Report: 9th Annual Morongo Canyon Walk

Dec 1, 2014 3:52 PM
Contributed by:  HABIT4HEALTH

On the 14th of November, 125 individuals took part in the 9th Annual Morongo Canyon Walk. The age of participants ranged from 5 - 85 years young. To help complete the course, we provided walking sticks and age appropriate incentives. The incentives were on tiers that matched the distance completed. Over 50% of the participants completed the full 4 mile course while 100% completing at least 2 miles. Due to popular demand, we are looking into making this an event we host twice a year.

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Story: 2014 Toiyabe Road Run Results

Nov 24, 2014 5:39 PM
Contributed by:  Toiyabe Preventive Medicine Program

2014 Toiyabe Road Run Results

Over 100  people turned up on a beautiful fall morning for the 33rd anniversary Toiyabe Road Run on November 2 at the Millpond Recreation Center.  Runners and walkers had a great time completing the 1K, 5K and 10K races.  3 new race records were set, and awards, food, raffle prizes, and costume contest rounded out a full morning.  In addition to being a fun and healthy community event, the Toiyabe Road Run is a fundraiser for the Jill Kinmont Indian Education Fund which provides scholarships for Native American youth.  Last year the race raised nearly $1,400 dollars.  

Amber Stoerp won the women’s 10K in 50:15, a new course record for the women’s 20-29 age group.  She was followed by Katie Larsen, who finished in 55:31, and Sally Gaines, who finished in 57:52. 

Dan Yarborough was the fastest male 10K finisher with a time of 40:31.  Yarborough already holds the record for the men’s 40-49 age division and now holds the record in the 50-59 age division as well!  James McGovern finished second in 46:32 and Oliver Litchfield took third in 47:23.  Kai Cokeley beat his own record in the men’s under 13 age division in 57:30. 

In the 5K event, Sarah Land won the women’s race in 25:55, followed by Alexia Craven in second in 27:04 and Ariel Wilbur in third in 33:35.  The fastest Native American women’s finisher in the 5K was Cecelia Odell in 35:01. 

Duncan Reid won men’s 5K race in 21:02.  Carson Reid finished second in 21:35, and Michael McLin finished third in 24:23.  The fastest Native American men’s finisher in the 5K was Tony Brown in 33:15.

In the predict-your-time 5K event, the closest run/walkers were Sara Land (only 13 seconds off her predicted time!), Ty Chappell (17 seconds off), Grady Schaniel (24 seconds off), Lisa Craven Reid (46 seconds off), and Tom Schaniel (55 seconds off).

Age group winners in the men’s and women’s 10K event were:

Age     Name                                      Time               Age     Name                               Time  

>12      Kai Cokeley                            57:30               >12      --                              --

20-29   Oliver Litchfield                     47:23               20-29   Amber Stoerp          50:15

30-39   James McGovern                    46:32              30-39   Katie Larsen           55:31       

50-59   Dan Yarborough                     40:31               50-59   Lesley Byberg       63:11

60-69   Les Inafuku                             63:23               60-69   Sally Gaines        57:52

The Longevity Award for the oldest entrant went to Ellen Siegal, age 78, who participated in the 1K.  The Inspirational Award was given to Kellen McGovern, age 3, who has serious medical issues but still managed to power through to finish the 1K in fine form.  The Native American Elder Award, a pair of beaded moccasins made by Carmen Williams, went to Ty Chappell of the Utu Utu Gawitu Paiute Tribe of Benton who participated the 5K.

In keeping with Road Run tradition, all participants who finished the 1K Fun Walk and all youth 12 and under were awarded a participation medal.  5K and 10K winners were awarded a variety of prizes, including beautiful mugs by Francis Cholewa and canvas photographs by Alex Pollini. 

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Story: Just Move It Dokis First Nation Track & Field Day

Nov 21, 2014 1:47 PM
Contributed by:  Dokis First Nation Just Move It day

On October 29th the Dokis Health Centre held a celebration of our NAIG (North American Indigenous Games) participants Trena Restoule and Grace Racicot by showcasing them in the Just Move It event which was held across North America.  Even though it was a rainy day with some sun and clouds it didn’t deter our participants young and seniors.  We were protected from the rain at the Robert Restoule Memorial Athletic Facility.  
Bernadette Restoule, Sandra Dokis and Sharon Goulais welcomed our community, volunteers and Grace Racicot’s family and Trena’s track coach, Mr. Lachance from Northern Secondary School.  Mr. Lachance spoke about how one gets prepared to get into track and field competition.  It’s a lot of hard work to get your body in proper form and many hours of training on your own.  You really have to have discipline and focus to compete.  
Mr. Lachance got Trena and Grace to demonstrate proper form and warm ups.  Then we all got to warm up with the A B and C’s which both athletes needed to do before their events of high jump, long jump and running in the 100 – 200 meters and 400 meter relay races.  Everyone did the warm ups before they all participated in different events -  jumping into the high jump mat, shot put throw, javelin throw, and running. 
In the afternoon, we all met at the Dokis Complex to do indoor events of bean bag throws, 4 by 1 relay race (which everyone really liked) and finishing with the parachute game.  This consisted of bouncing a beach ball on a parachute with participants holding the edges and pulling in unison to keep the ball in.  We had 2 parachutes which had 10-15 people play.  25 individuals young and senior participated.  Smiles and laughter filled the day.
We ended the JMI Track & Field day event for our NAIG participants:  Trena Restoule and Grace Racicot with a dinner.  The community enjoyed a roast beef with the fixings and a beautiful congratulatory cake and fruit.  Both Trena and Grace spoke of their events with passion and pride representing our community of Dokis First Nation, our province of Ontario and our country, Canada.

The following pictures were taken by Rod Restoule. Pictures feature a youth athlete Trena  showing her medals with her great-grandmother Maryanne Dokis; as well as Trena Restoule, Bernadette Restoule with the JMI t-shirt and Grace Racicot.

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Activity Report: Fall Walk

Nov 17, 2014 6:59 AM
Contributed by:  JUST MOVE IT ONEIDA

Seventy-one Oneida Community Members came out to our Fall Walk Event at the Oneida Nation Elementary School on Saturday, November 15th.  They participated in a 1-3 mile walk of their choice inside or outside.  The youth participated in kid's activities.  There was free health screening and a light lunch available to all participants as well.

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